Right Now I’m…

(Stolen from Bonnie…)


The weather we’re having. It’s finally Spring for realz! I’ve tried to be outside as much as I possibly can, and I’ve taken two walks on the Perkiomen Trail so far this week. Beautiful.

Oh, and 99 cent iced coffee refills at Dunkin. I may have a problem.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I just finished this one. I thought it was a well-written and entertaining book, but I was not a fan of the ending. I liked her novel One Plus One a lot better. Because of this, I will probably give one of her other novels a try in the future.

Paper Towns by John Green. I’m not loving it as much as The Fault in Our Stars, but how can you compete with that? I’m curious to see how it ends and to see the movie adaptation that is coming out this summer.

It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell. I just started this one last night.

Bonnie’s blog from the beginning. Does anyone else do this? I’m like a madwoman when I find a new blog that I love.

excited about…

Going to the symphony with hubby. It sounds so snobby to say that, but I love it. We got free tickets because he gave a lecture. I love free stuff!

Our 1st Anniversary coming up June 14th! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time flies when you’re having fun. We don’t have any big plans yet, but I am looking forward to eating our frozen wedding cake and reading the notes that people wrote us.


Our Ocean City, NJ family vacation at the end of June. It’s always such a fun, relaxing week.


A weekend getaway. Hopefully, if we can figure out where we want to go. We’re thinking Rehoboth Beach, Lancaster, St. Michael’s, MD, or some place else within an hour or two drive. Thoughts or suggestions?


Jenny’s series for Infertility Awareness Week last week.

Sally’s baking tips. And pretty much any recipe she posts.

Just about everything posted by Jessica, Caitlin, Kendra, Kate, or Janssen.


19 Kids and Counting. Don’t judge.

Big Bang Theory

How have you been spending your time lately?


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